This Morning Waking (2000 – 2020)


This Morning Waking (2000 – 2020)

THIS MORNING WAKING is not only an EP, it is also a body of work — lyrical prose, essay and performance — that practices, performs, and processes some of Mad Kate’s earliest writings on rape culture and non-concentual sex, dating back to 2000. Her texts, haunting melodies, and the unashamed presence of the explicit body in performance, exposes the dilemma of the body as inextricably entangled inside powerful structures of entitlement, power, and empowered identities that are always and always were related to sex and the sexualized body.

Read the complete introductory essay to the e-Book here


releases July 26, 2020

vox and synths – Mad Kate
guitar and synths – Jacopo Bertacco
drums on <when did we get ill> – Sara Neidorf

recorded and mixed by Jacopo Bertacco and Lorenzo Canestri
mastered by Jacopo Bertacco

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