HYENAZ PERIMETER VR Gallery Release 26th June

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Perimeter is the latest a/v work by HYENAZ, in collaboration with performers Mmakgosi Kgabi, Martini Cherry Furter, and Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, artistic director Yeorg Kronnagel and cinematography by Robert Mleczko. Perimeter is the third audio-visual work and performative intervention in the HYENAZ Foreign Bodies series, and is supported with generous funding by Musicboard Berlin. The EP and Video will be released on June 3rd, 2021 on Freudian/Slit Records Berlin, and includes remixes by IXA and Maya Postepski aka Princess Century.

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Signals is a new work created especially for Sound Scene Festival’s 2021 theme EMERGE. Signals explores the notion of performativity in the form of codes, signs, drag, and masks in order to emerge from the darkness as visible. Signals become methods of translation, channels through which our voices become audible and understood. Bodies emerge into forms which are recognized and codified; modes through which we can be understood and called into subjectivity. An audio work and a video essay, Signals explores the process of emergence especially as it relates to the a/Artist into cultural spaces of power, those who hold or desire to hold the microphone. Using multiple distinct voices and perspectives, both sung and written, Signals explores the process through which one emerges through the implementation of signals like masks, codes, dress, and language in order to achieve audibility, visibility and  thus access. What is this process of emergence? Who stands at the gate,? What is gained and lost in this process? HYENAZ create all their sound works from original field recordings; the particular context for these recordings were an anarcha-feminist anti-military conference which brought together activists from throughout and beyond eastern Europe and central Asia. Together the members of the conference struggled to bridge knowledges, contexts and experiences. HYENAZ want to especially thank the voices and brave activists who were present there. (Presented in Partnership with Goethe Institut DC)

EKU EKU EKU (a call to death)

Goethe-Institut Virtual Partnership Residency with Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT) and HYENAZ 

HYENAZ and crazinisT artisT paired up during the month of April 2021 to explore the theme of death through a simultaneous deep listening journey in their respective homes (Kumasi, Ghana and Berlin, Germany). After the deep listening, field recording and filming (with the help of Sally Dige in Berlin and Onsoh Edward in Kumasi) they created a new audio visual work. Funded by Goethe-Institut and supported by EXP__, this is an opportunity for artists to collaborate together across distance, perspectives, and contexts.


Photo: Onsoh Studio

SWEAT (Mad Kate featuring Karyka) is an immersive sound installation and performance intervention that premiered at perfocraZe International Artist Residency- [pIAR] in Kumasi, Ghana in March 2021 as part of our group show x7 with with Eryka Dellenbach (USA) collaborating with Martin Toloku (Ghana), Zoë Binetti (Switzerland), Hiroko Tsuchimoto (Sweden), Regina Magdalena Sebald (Germany) collaborating with Richmond Donkor (Ghana), Marlene G Prinz (Austria) collaborating with Adwoa Morgan (Ghana), and Amina Gimba (Nigeria).

SWEAT features sonic contributions and auditory imprints from laboring bodies at work, as well as recorded conversations about performance and performativity of the sexual/ized body at work—work as labour of survival and labour of a/Art. The sonic landscape of this work has been woven exclusively from field recordings gathered in and around Kumasi, ultilizing pIAR as first site of home and expanding outwards to synchronistic encounters, intuitively following the body at work. The conversations are less a sonic research archive than they are a means to speak across intersectionalities by anchoring in common space: as sexualized bodies, as working bodies, as artistic bodies and as performative bodies. These are the sounds of sweaty bodies: labouring, dancing, fucking, sacrificing and surviving.

In focus is the auditory and audibility; which bodies can be heard and which bodies are silenced by the audible? What happens in the dark? What is felt or sensed in the quiet space between bodies, placed within and contexualized by the pounding loudness of our sweaty bodies at work?

Heartful gratitude to those who contributed so generously in our encounters, including Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT], Mawuenya Bubu Amudzi, Martin Toloku, Onsoh Edward, Eryka Dellenbach, Zoë Binetti, Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Karyka, Jawo Zaria Graba, Adwoa Kesewaa Gaisie, Isshak Fuseini, Muhammedu Abubakari and many others.

P.O.V. Podcast by Lustery

Adrienne Teicher and I have been editing the Lustery POV Podcast, with hosts Paulita Pappel and Aria Vega. The POV PODCAST takes a deeper look into the world of sex, sexuality and relationships, one point of view at a time.

HYENAZ Sound Design: Körper Figurationen Welten

Drei Videos zur Einführung in Queer Theorie ( KÖRPER (20:16 min), FIGURATIONEN (13:16 min) und WELTEN (16:00 min) von Antke A. Engel und Filmfetch (Magda Wystub; Tali Tiller), sound design HYENAZ, with English subtitles

Radio Sendung: HYENAZ featured on Gerecht Sprechen – Über die Lust auf Gendersternchen, neue Pronomen und Co.” by Sabine Rolf on BR2.

HYENAZ – Born From Death

New Single Rework + Remix HYENAZ Born from Death Chaos Edit and Bad Conscience House Remix video: audio:

HYENAZ & Jova Lynne – Beyond Possible

Beyond Possible is an audio visual work by HYENAZ & Jova Lynne – A Virtual Partnership Residency supported by Goethe-Institute

Mad Kate – My Fear of Pretending feat. Lori Baldwin

Katharsis Compilation #5 – Mad Kate – My Fear of Pretending (Featuring Lori Baldwin)

Bliss Carmen – Powder (Mad Kate’s LOST Remix)

Mad Kate’s LOST remix of “Powder” by Bliss Carmxn



SWEAT featuring Karyka at perfocraZe International Artist Residency- [pIAR] x:7 Group Show March (Kumasi, Ghana 2021)
Peepshow at OVERMORROW at Club Wilde Renate, (Berlin 2021)
Gritty Glamour dir. Simon(e) Pateau (Ballhaus Naunynstrasse 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
PEACHES: THERE’S ONLY ONE PEACH WITH THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE (Kampnagel, Hamburg / Southbank Center, London 2019, Volksbühne Berlin)
International Music Awards with PEACHES – Verti Music Hall (Berlin 2019)
Berliner Festspiele – Taylor Mac – A 24-Decade History of Popular Music (Berlin 2019)
Berghain Säule – HYENAZ Supporting CHRISTEENE (2019)
Tipping Utopia Un-conference · Hosted by Stephanie Maher and Joy Mariama Smith (Ponderosa Dance and Discovery 2019)
Deutsche Oper – Aus Dem Hinterhalt – Don Quichotte with Special Guest Peaches (2019)
W(A)RM Holes Dir. Yony Leyser (Maxim Gorki Studio R 2019)
HYENAZ knowbody (Maxim Gorki Studio R 2019)
Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain Fete Du Slip Mad Kate sexWORKperformanceART
Transmediale Vorspiel: IN TOUCH (Galerie Mausefalle / CTM 2019)
Deutsche Oper – Aus Dem Hinterhalt: WOZZECK by Black Cracker (2018)
Kollektiv Artes Mobilies – Jupiter – FUSION Festival (Lärz 2018)
Maxim Gorki Theater Studio R – Pugs in Love – Mad Kate the Tide LIVE (Berlin 2018)
Trenn Euch! Mad Kate Workshop Performance (Zürich School of Impact 2018)
Rana Hamadeh: The Ten Murders of Josephine – Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art – Theater Schouwburg Rotterdam 2017)
Partial Eclipse of the Heart (Berghain Berlin 2017)
Urban Witches Not Bitches (Neurotitan Gallery Berlin 2017)
Rana Hamadeh: The Sleepwalkers (Nottingham Contemporary, UK 2015)
Jen Ray: HITS (Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel 2014)
Month of Performance Art Berlin Closing Ceremony (SHIFT Berlin, Germany 2013)
Wagner Das Heer (Akademie der Kunst Berlin, Germany 2013)
South by South West Music Conference Showcase (Austin, Texas 2009, 2012, 2013)
International Performance Art Festival (Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012)
Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (HAU 1, Berlin, Germany 2012)
Supper Club Amsterdam featured artist (Supperclub, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2007 – 2016)
Jerk Off Festival (Le Klub Paris France 2011)
Kulturnacht Næstved (Grønnegade Teater Næstved Denmark 2011)
Supper Club SF Featured Artist (Supper Club San Francisco USA 2010)
PEACHES DJ Set (Berlin Festival 2009, Circuito Off Festival Venice Italy 2010)
Peaches Christ Superstar (HAU 1 Berlin / Kampegnal Hamburg 2010)
Rough Print featuring the work of Michael Russ (Lucas Carreiri Gallery Berlin (2010)
Bread and Butter Berlin (Old Templehof Airport Berlin Germany 2010)
Queer X Road Show (Berlin/Malmo/Stockholm/Copenhagen/ Paris/ Brussels 2009)
Not Who You Think (Envoy Gallery New York USA 2009)
Saturator Queer Festival Warsaw (Saturator Warsaw Poland 2009)
PEACHES Live at Electronic Beats Festival (Postbahnhof Berlin Germany 2008)
Hells Boutique with DJ HELL (Reitschule Bern Switzerland 2007)

Mad Kate ∣ The Tide (Musical / Performance Project ongoing since 2012)
Festival Automne en Normandie, Peaches Extravaganza and Guests (Tetris, Le Havre 2013)
ich bin ein Berliner Festival (S036 Berlin 2013)
Lumiere Bleue (Alte Damenschue Fabrik, Leipzig 2013)
Copenhagan International Performance Art Festival (Warehouse 9 2012)
Slutwalk Soli Party with Peaches (About/Blank, Berlin 2012)
Gottingen Antifee Festival (headliner, 2012)

Bonaparte (performance artist 2007 – 2014, 2017-2018)
“White Noize” (Europe) – 2017/2018
“Into the Wild” Tour (Europe/Russia/China) – 2014
“Sorry We’re Open” Tour (Europe/USA/Russia) – 2013-2014
“My Horse Likes You” Tour (Europe/USA/Russia) – 2010-2013
“Too Much” Tour (Europe/USA/Russia/Morocco) – 2007-2010
South by Southwest Festival, Austin Texas (2012, 2013)
Donau Festival, Krems Austria (2010)

Kamikaze Queens (Front Singer 2006 – 2013)
“Automatic Life” Tour (Europe/USA) – 2011-2013
“Voluptuous Panic” Tour (Europe/USA) – 2007-2010
South by Southwest Festival Austin Texas 2009


The Blue Room (Short Film by Goodyn Green with Jiz Lee 2016)
When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere (Feature Film by Marit Ostberg 2015)
Desire Will Set You Free (Feature Film by Yony Leyser 2015)
Push Me! (Short Film by Tove Sofia Harmony Pils 2015)
Neurosex Pornoia (Series by Abigail Gnash and Eric Pussyboy 2015)
Oh Boy! (Feature Film by Jan Gerster and Marcos Kantis / Schiwago Films 2012)
Formentera (Feature film by Ann-Kristin Reyels 2011)
0110111: Quantum Physics and a Horseshoe (Bonaparte Live DVD Warner Music 2011)
Sisterhood (documentary film by Marit Östberg 2012)
Mommy is Coming (Feature film by Cheryl Dunye/ Jürgen Brünning Production 2011)
Share (short film by Marit Östberg 2010)
Frida and Anita (short film by Liz Rosenfeld 2010)
CONTAGIOUS! (Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz: 2010)
Too Much Pussy! (documentary by Emilie Jouvet / Womart Productions 2010)
Berlin Manners: Burlesque in Berlin (documentary by Ivan Arrenaga 2010)
Saila (feature film by Julia Ostertag 2008)
Berlin Calling (feature film by Hannes Stöhr with Paul Kalkbrenner / Sabotage Films 2008)
Cowboys and Communists (documentary by Jess Feast / Gibson Group 2007)


Netflix “Berlin Station” (2017)
ARTE “TRACKS” (2014)
Network Awesome (2013)
ProSieben TV Total with Bonaparte and Skunk Anansie (2012)
ZDF Kultur (Berlin 2011 – 2013)
MTV Home Studios Live with Bonaparte (Berlin 2010, 2013)
ARTE Lounge with Bonaparte (Berlin 2010)

Music Video:

HYENAZ, “Proximity” (2018 – Dir. HYENAZ)
Sally Dige, “This Life” (2017 – Sally Dige)
HYENAZ, “Binaries” (2016 – Dir. HYENAZ)
Mad Kate | the Tide “Exactitudes of Our Passion” (2014 – Video Directors and cameras by: Rui Calcada Bastos and Sergio Belinchon)
HYENAZ, “Sister” (2014 – Dir. HYENAZ)
EAT LIPSTICK, “Murder By Madonna” (2014 – Fabomat)
Bonaparte, “Two Girls” (2014 – Otis Ike & Ivete Lucas)
HYENAZ, “Cypher” (2014 – Grey Sister)
Nuclear Family, “Sleep when I get old” (2013)
Bonaparte, “C’EST À MOI QU’TU PARLES?“ (2013)
Bonaparte “Manana Forever” (2013)
TUSK “And the Rain Keeps Falling Down” – Carrie Gates (2012)
Peaches; Simone Jones, “Free Pussy Riot“ (2012)
The Horrorist, “The Man Master“ – ReveRso (2012)
Bonaparte, “Quarantine“ (2012)
Bonaparte, “Three Minutes in the Brain“ (2011)
Bonaparte, “Wir sind keine Menschen” (2011)
Bonaparte, “Boycott Everything” (2010)
Bonaparte, “Computer in Love” (2010)
Velvet Condom, “Collapse in Slow Motion” (2010)
Kamikaze Queens, “2 Minute Fuck” (2009)
Peaches, “More” (2008)

Film Productions

Proximity (2018. Premiere: Interim, A Journal of Poetry and Poetics)
Binaries (2016. Premiere: Vice Thump. Awarded: Berlin Music Video Awards)
Death of Schengen (Editor: Massod Vadiee & Heriknaz Sibirian, Producer: Arden Zahedi-Bogucka, Az Kolexion ‘e London 2015. Official Selection: Oxford Human Rights Festival, Doc Lisboa)

Film Scores

The whisper of the Jaguar EL SUSURRO DEL JAGUAR (Dir. Simon(è) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Thais Guisasola 2018)
The Beauty of ReveRso (Director/Producer: Michael Brent Adam 2018, Official Selection Redline)
Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution (Director: Yony Leyser, Totho Films / ARTE, Berlin, 2017. Official Selection: IDFA) 2017
Feybraiha (Director: Yeorg Kronnagel / ) 2014

Prizes, Grants and Fellowships

2018 – Clastic Artistic Residency Italy
2018 – Near-Field Communications Digital Art Biennale – PROXIMITY Immersive Sonic Installation and Descriptive Art

2017 – Berlin Music Video Awards, Berlin
2016 – Residency RTS Z1, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 – Oakalajara Residency, Guadalajara, México
2013 – Divo Institute Residency, Kolín, Czech Republic

Workshops and Praxis

2018 | Freedom to Move Caucus with Joy Mariama Smith and Guests : Bodying Desire – Movement and Touch Inspired by Sex Work (Ponderosa 2018)
2018 | Zürich Schule des Handelns/School of Impact – Trenn Euch! Mad Kate Workshop Performance
2017 | (Re)imagining Homes Ecologies and Labours of Love with Tereza Silon (Ponderosa 2017)
2017 | Manipulating field recordings with open source software with HYENAZ at GSBTB Open Music Lab – Berlin, Germany
2017 | Techniques for Auditory Resistance with HYENAZ – BetOnest Artist Space, Stolpe, Germany
2017 | What Does the Body Know? Performing Urgency with Mad Kate – BetOnest Artist Space, Stolpe, Germany
2017 | Techniques for Auditory Resistance with HYENAZ – Yerevan, Armenia
2016 | XPlore Berlin: May I Cross This Line?
2016 | What Does the Body Know? Workshop in Performance, Forte Prenestino, Rome
2015 | Techniques for Auditory Resistance with HYENAZ – GNMP – Kiev, Ukraine