born through death
HYENAZ live at Eschloraque
Photo: Claudia Brijbag

i was never good at trying to be a lady so i stopped.
Supper Club Amsterdam 2018
Photo: XIL

wymyn who travel with me even when they are not here
self portrait
This work has been created and first produced in the frame of Tanja Ostojic´s “Misplaced Women?” performance workshop hosted by Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin

Gritty Glamour at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (dir Simon(e) Pateau)
Photo: Ute Langkafel

touch me dont touch me
Created for MUSES (dir ReveRso)

body in resistance
Movement practice in the context of Foreign Bodies, a project on bodies in motion by HYENAZ
Samothraki, Greece
Photo: XIL

structure of violence
live with Mad Kate the Tide performing “ALIVEness”
Supamolly, Berlin
Photo: Claudia Brijbag


Lammas: Questions about Bread
Urban Witches not Bitches II at Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin
Photo: Julian Ronnenfeldt


between what it means
created in the context of Mad Kate’s performance workshop “What Does the Body Know?” at BetOnest, Stolpe, Germany
Photo: Flo Razoux

Gritty Glamour 2017 at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (dir Simon(e) Pateau) ©Wagner Carvalho

are you a man or a woman with Dita Rita Scholl
Gritty Glamour at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (dir Simon(e) Pateau)
Photo: Wagner Carvalho


Jen Ray: Season of the Witch
Photo: Jason Forrest

what are we traces of?
HYENAZ Critical Magic
Success Bar, Tbilisi, Georgia
Photo: Nia Gvatua

before birth there is no …
Photo: Dragana Gavrilovic
Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery

self suspension
floating on texts
especially thanks to The Minor Gesture by Erin Manning
Photo: Jasko Fide