photo: Guilles Chipironet

Mad Kate is available for live performances, sound design and workshops. To Book Mad Kate: madkate[at]


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EXIT Boutique and Performance Salon

Mad Kate (they/them) is an electronic producer, sound designer, performance artist and writer based in Berlin. Their explorations of borders between/within bodies and touch as political practice have brought them to theaters, communes, technomansions, prisons, dungeons, squats and galleries around the world. They are currently producing sexWORKperformanceART, a series of audio and performative works that explore the concept of performance and performativity of the sexual/ized body in labour of survival and labour of a/Art. Some of these pieces have been explored through their collaboration with Jacopo Bertacco and Sara Neidorf in their postpunkperformance project Mad Kate | the Tide.

Mad Kate is one half of the producer-performer duo HYENAZ. This year they look forward to a Virtual Partnership Residency collaboration with Ghanaian performance artist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT], funded by Goethe-Institut. They will also be working on the research phase of an audio-visual work entitled EXTRACTION, which will look at accountability practices in the processes of field recording, with generous support from Fonds Darstellende Kunst,

HYENAZ recently produced the sound design for Du Verdienst Deinen Krieg (8 Soldiers Moonsick) directed by Sasha Marianna Salzmann and written by Sivan Ben Yishai, performed at Maxim Gorki Theatre Studio Я. They also choreographed Clusterfuck, a contemporary dance group touring with Peaches stage show “There’s Only One Peach with the Hole in the Middle”.

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